'Once Upon A Time' - Cinderella, You Shall Go to The Ball!



'Once Upon A Time' is part of new deluxe Collection of miniature dolls I have created with attention to authenticity, intricate detail and using only fine fabrics.

‘But I can’t go to the ball’ said Cinderella sadly. ‘I have no dress to wear’ The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand and in a flash, Cinderella’s rags were transformed into a magnificent ball gown. ‘Cinderella, you shall go to the Ball!’

Two one-twelfth scale miniature porcelain dolls dressed in Georgian style costumes. 

Cinderella’s magnificent ball gown is made in prettiest sugar pink silk, trimmed with silk bows. Her bodice is fitted with three-quarter length lace-frilled sleeves and a fancy golden stomacher. Around her neck she wears a white lace ruff trimmed with a tiny silk bow.

Her over skirt is scalloped with silk bows and tiny sparkling crystals. An underskirt of metallic gold silk is richly embellished with lace, sequins, golden braid and delicate glittering flower trim. 

Underneath Cinderella wears lace-trimmed cotton pantaloons and matching petticoat along with her shimmering fancy ‘glass’ slippers.

Her Georgian style white wig is piled high on her pretty head with a pink feather nodding over her curls. In her hand she carries a bejewelled feather fan.

The Fairy Godmother wears a striped silk bodice, laced at the front with gold braid. Her deep violet silk over-skirt is ruched to form panniers and is worn over a sage green silk under-skirt and ivory lace-trimmed apron. 

Tucked into her bodice is an ivory silk fichu and she wears a matching lace-frilled bonnet over her silver-grey hair. Underneath her costume are white cotton, lace-trimmed pantaloons and matching petticoat along with black painted pointed-toe ankle boots. 

The Fairy Godmother wears golden spectacles and carries a sparkling magic wand. 


Originals sold but similar sets available to order.