Charles I Couple

This rich lord and his lady are dressed in fashions from the 1640's during the reign of King Charles 1st. 

The gentleman wears a matching tabbed doublet and wide breeches in pale grey silk trimmed with silver braid. His black leather boots have turn over cuffs and frills of lace. He wears a lace trimmed silk collar and his wide slit sleeves finish in deep lace cuffs. His hair is long and he wears a wide brimmed feather trimmed hat in 'Cavalier' style. 

The lady wears a trained and open gown of deep rose coloured silk over a rich gold brocade petticoat and matching stomacher. The close fitting tabbed bodice has wide sleeves gathered at the wrists into deep fancy lace cuffs. A wide shawl like lace collar sits over her shoulders.