Young Henry VIII

On 21st April 1509 the elderly King Henry VII died and his eighteen year old second son became King Henry VIII of England. Young Henry was taller than the average Tudor man, athletic, creative and handsome with a love of music and a keen interest in the latest fashions; quite a change from his dour, dull and penny-pinching father.

Young Henry is approx. six inches tall and wears a typical early Tudor style outfit in a refreshing colour scheme of cream and pale almond green. His rich silk brocade doublet is worn over a fine ivory silk shirt and hand-dyed hosen with detailed codpiece. Around his waist is a fancy leather purse hanging from a golden cord belt and on his feet Henry wears real leather wide-toed shoes, typical of this era.

Henry’s lavish cream silk jacquard robe is trimmed with golden braid and cream chenille ‘fur’. The long hanging robe sleeves are lined and split to reveal the doublet sleeves which are also split to reveal the sleeves of his undershirt.

Around his shoulders Henry wears a richly decorated, jewelled chain along with a smaller jewelled chain over his shirt. Henry’s auburn hair is typically loose and shoulder-length and topped with a jewelled black felt hat with turned up brim and his fingers are decorated with coloured ‘rings’.