'Once Upon A Time' - Genie of The Magic Lamp

'Once Upon A Time' is part of new deluxe Collection of miniature dolls I have created with attention to authenticity, intricate detail and using only fine fabrics.

‘Once upon a time in a very exotic land there was a beautiful genie who lived in a magic lamp……’ 

An extravagantly painted and enamelled Arabic style lamp with an exotically dressed one twelfth scale Genie doll.

 This wonderful shiny OOAK golden lamp is decorated with the most beautiful pink and green stylised flowers on a cream background. The lamp has a removable lid attached with a chain and is extremely decorative. 

This magical genie doll is cast in a subtle but slightly darker shade of porcelain to give her an exotic eastern look. Her beautiful raven hair is dressed in a fancy chignon and decorated with a pale pink chiffon veil. She wears matching harem style chiffon trousers with a metallic gold silk bodice embellished with tiny pink rhinestones. Around her neck is a tiny pink crystal pendant and on her feet are bejewelled leather slippers with turned up toes. This stunning doll sits comfortably on her beautiful magic lamp..