One twelfth scale miniature porcelain doll standing approx six inches tall.

King John is wearing the typical attire of an English King of 1215, the year he signed Magna Carta.

The King wears a full length blue silk under-tunic with long tight sleeves. Over this is a three-quarter length fancy gold patterned silk over-tunic with wider sleeves, which is belted at the waist with a real leather hanging belt with golden buckle and tip. Also slung around his waist is his golden hilted sword in its studded leather scabbard.

Under King Johnís tunics are green silk stockings and a pair of real leather shoes. A long claret silk cloak is fastened around the Kingís royal shoulders and on his head is a jewelled metallic crown. The King holds an important looking document, rolled up and tied with a red silk ribbon.....could this be Magna Carta?