Empress Matilda & Geoffrey of Anjou


One twelfth scale miniature porcelain dolls standing approx five and a half inches tall.

These hand crafted miniature porcelain character dolls depict Empress Matilda who reigned from April to November 1141 and Geoffrey of Anjou her husband. Matilda carries a large sprig of broom flower and Geoffrey has a small bloom in his hair; Geoffrey was nicknamed 'Plantagenet' which comes from the latin for the flower - planta genista - and so he took the flower as his emblem.

Matilda wears a typical gown of the period in a rich green with embroidery and hanging sleeves lined in a contrasting plain green fabric.  Her bodice is a rich burgundy which matches the braiding around the outer edge of her cloak in a gold fabric.  Matilda wears a bodice chain belt decoration and her luscious red hair is crowned with a golden headband.

Geoffrey was Norman, and his long deep greentunic is richly decorated with gold braiding which matches his cloak of red. He wears a shaped hat with a sprig of broom.