Morgan Le Fay


Morgan Le Fay stands approx. five and a half inches tall and is made from fine quality bisque porcelain. 

She is dressed in a pure silk gown in a Medieval/fantasy style. Her green silk jacquard over-gown is trimmed with fancy green and gold braid and dark brown chenille ‘fur’ and is ‘laced’ with golden cord over a pale brownish-red silk under-gown. 

A delicate golden filigree belt hangs from Morgan’s waist, embellished with tiny faux pearls and green crystals. Morgan’s two-toned auburn tresses tumble around her shoulders from a golden coronet decorated with a tiny star with green crystal in the centre that matches the pendant around her neck. 

Underneath her gowns she wears white lace-trimmed pantaloons and on her feet are crystal decorated green silk slippers with leather soles. 

Her fingers are bedecked with glittering crystal ‘rings’ and she carries a symbolic apple bough in one hand. (This apple bough has been specially hand-crafted by Ceynix Miniatures and symbolises Morgan Le Fay’s role as Queen of Avalon.