One twelfth scale miniature porcelain costume doll standing approx six inches tall.

King Richard III is dressed in the fashion of c1485 with pure silk robes, jewelled and decorated as befits a King of those times.

He wears black hosen with a Medieval style tied cod-piece and on his feet are real leather ankle boots.

Over a fine ivory silk shirt is a short doublet of pale gold silk brocade, laced with golden thread to reveal the top of his fancy silk corset (as was worn by men at this time). The golden doublet has full sleeves gathered at the cuffs to show off the fine lace frills of his shirt and false slashing can be seen along the lower edges of each sleeve.

Worn over his doublet, is a lined robe of wine coloured silk edged with fancy black and gold braid. The robe has long hanging sleeves, slashed part way down, as was the fashion of the day. Around his shoulders is a richly jewelled ‘chain’ and on his fingers are several crystal ‘rings’.

King Richard’s ‘pork pie’ style hat has a notched and turned up brim, delicately laced with golden thread and further embellished with golden jewelled filigree.