'A Moment in Time' - Yvette c.1780's

'A Moment in Time' is a new deluxe Collection of miniature dolls I have created with attention to authenticity, intricate detail and using only fine fabrics.

Yvette wears a striped cotton French Polonaise gown from the 1780's over a silk petticoat with pleated lace and ruffled ribbon trim.

Over her ornately dressed wig she wears a large straw hat lavishly decorated with lace, braid, curled feathers and flowers. 

Underneath her outfit Yvette wears knee length lace trimmed pantaloons (although not historically correct, I cannot bear dolls with no drawers!!), silk stockings, derriere pad and real leather shoes. 

She carries the ultimate in fashion accessories of that time, an ornamental shepherdess crook. 

The back view shows the main characteristic of the Polonaise with the two ties catching up the back of the skirt into a puff.