Hello and welcome to my blog.

(This is me below. I made this dress for myself when my lovely husband Julian and I renewed our wedding vows back in 2008).

I am a professional miniature doll artist and doll costumier. Click the link below to see more of what I like to do.

Click HERE to see my What’s New page and details of all my latest work before it even appears on my web site or internet shop.


Here I am in a dress I made for

my wedding vow renewal


45 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Your work is superbly delicate and careful, beautifully done all of it – I have a particular fondness for the Regency walking dress and the medieval clothing. What made you do the Flodden chappy, may I ask? I live less than five miles or so from the place and his inclusion immediately caught my eye – he’s super.

  2. I love your dolls – I think I will start collecting them. Am the lady that was collecting the Peggy Nisbet dolls. I think you have the Queen Mother in her wedding dress already. If you could make these for me I would be forever grateful. Thank you. Is there a way to send a photo to you?

  3. Hi Louise, What a lovely lady you are and I love your dress!
    I love that you can make petite clothes and sew for your self too!
    What a talented seamstress you are as well as a very talented doll artist! Many hugs from Texas,
    Mary Glenda

  4. Dear Louise,
    I just came upon your lovely blog!
    I live in the UK and I am desperate to try my hand at making dolls like you make, though I know they will take me a while to get anywhere near as beautiful!
    I wondered could u give me any pointers as to what materials to use – are your dolls porcelain? and where I would find such porcelain or doll molds? – I don’t think i can sculpt them myself! Are yours all sculpted by hand?
    There is so little information out there!
    Thank you so much,
    best wishes,
    rhian x

    • Dear Rhian,
      Thank you for your message. Whilst I don’t sculpt the dolls, I do make all the porcelain parts for them (from commercial molds). I paint all the faces, wig, design all their clothing and dress them myself.
      If you would like to contact me (through my main web site) please do and I would be delighted to help you if I can.

      Best wishes,

  5. Louise, I’m just amazed at the accuracy of your costumes and especially the shoes. Some people don’t understand the shoes should have “blunt” toes, to me this always was the most important feature (plus the way the ribbons are tied, (lol). I never danced, but sure wanted to, so I just dreamed about it all.

    You do a fantastic job recreating the actual costumes on the larger dolls and your minis are just perfect.

    I appreciate the fact that your blog is easy to read and navigate, it makes it so much easier to find all of your wonderful creations. I’ll be checking back to see if some of my favorites appear (Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, well the list goes on!)

    Martha Thomas

    • Thank you Martha. I really appreciate your lovely comments and am very glad that you found the blog easy to navigate. There is a ‘Swanhilda’ (from Coppelia) costume in the ‘costumes for larger dolls’ section and I will be adding a new version of ‘The Lilac Fairy’ tutu (from Sleeping Beauty) very soon.
      I believe that there is a button you can press on the site so that you can sign up to receive notification whenever I put new postings on.

      Best wishes,

  6. You have captured the heart and imagination of all of us little girls who always wanted a tutu and dance till our hearts delight. This little girl is 55 but you still found the 5 yr old
    Thank You
    Sheryl-Kay Hall

  7. Louise I have enjoyed visiting your site so much and have been back to it several times. My most recent visit was so enjoyable and brought a smile to my face as it reminded me of my days as a Ballet student…I even had a tutu very similar to your Esmeralda tutu..in a different colour..what lovely memories!! Your work is beautiful and your little Ballet points are perfect!!
    Thank you for for the memory.

    • Hello Nicolette,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I am really glad that you enjoyed reading my blog and that it brought back some lovely memories for you. Please check back regularly or better still, sign up to receive notification of new postings (if you haven’t already!).
      Best wishes,

  8. Very nice. You captured the essence of simplicity and that’s often difficult. I was able to get into it quickly. I like the calmness of the front page. I could find myself browsing through this site, keeping it in my bookmarks, checking to see what’s new.

    I understand your setting-up craziness. I am busy setting up my new website also, which is within a new online “doll mall”. I’m sewing and fixing and photographing and creating and I’m going crazy. Grand opening is the middle of March 2010. I dream that I’m not going to make it. You might want to take a look when the site comes out. It will be advertised!

    Luck on your new site. It’s lovely.

  9. Louise. whether you had help or not, your opening statement in your bog is in fact very, very strong. You simply state what I, the reader can expect, BUT it stresses that by following your blog I have an advantage over other readers who just blow by your efforts of blogging.

    Personally, for myself, not knowing anything about how to make a doll, I would kill (not really;) ) for an online class. THAt would bring me back and back to your blog and of course to your site.

    I hope I have convinced you to at least consider your readers needs. so many of us do not have the talent that you have.

    Kind thoughts from Kansas,


    • Hello Steve,

      I am so pleased that my very first attempt at Blogging has resulted in such lovely comments. Your message has been much appreciated and yes, I would love to share some ‘How To’s’ on my blog. This is definately something that I will be looking into for the future.
      Best wishes,

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