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As well as this blog, I also have two other web sites. You may have noticed them listed in My Other Web Sites section of the menu (at the right hand side on the ‘What’s New’ page).

My Main Angelique Miniatures Web Site.

The first one in my list is for my main Angelique Miniatures web site where you can see many, many pictures and descriptions of all the different types of doll related items that I make.  Here you will find miniature historical costume dolls, miniature fantasy characters, a section on all the ballet-related dolls, costumes and items plus a section on clothing for several different fashion dolls.

This main site is an informational site and is where I display all the different types of things that I make. Whilst items cannot be bought directly from this site, it can be used as a catalogue for customers to place their orders via e-mail, phone or snail mail, Many customers see an item on my main site and then inquire if it can be produced in a different colour scheme for example. Sometimes customers wish to order a doll as near as possible to the one they have fallen in love with on my main site. Most of the items on my main Angelique web site are available to order. All you have to do is contact me and tell me what you would like.

My On-Line Shop.

The second web site listed is my on-line store

   Here you will find dolls and other items that are available to be purchased straight off the web site. These are all items that are in stock and ready to ship.



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