Alternative Colour Scheme for Swanhilda Ballet Costume.

As a doll costume designer and creator, I always offer my work in alternative colour schemes to suit individual customers’ own tastes.

Recently I was asked to do just this when a long-standing customer asked if she could order my Swanhilda ballet costume in a red and white colour scheme. (The original costume was made in shades of deep pink, pink floral and ivory). Since this was not a problem as far as fabrics were concerned I was more than happy to oblige and here is the result.

I was pleased with this colour scheme as I felt it gave a lovely fresh and clean image, just a pretty as the pink scheme.

New Colour Scheme for Swanhilda Ballet Costume.

New Firebird Ballet Costume for 16 inch Dolls.

Here is my new updated design on the Firebird ballet costume for 16 inch fashion dolls, modelled on Tonner’s NYCB ballerina doll.

I have cut each tutu frill in uneven points to give a more ‘feathery’ and flame-like appearance. The tutu frills are then echoed at the top of the bodice.

I also redesigned the head dress to reflect the design changes in the tutu.

New Firebird Ballet Costume Design for 16 inch Fashion Dolls.